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Since we have developed technology to bring high quality display panels not only to our computers but also to our mobile phones, we have been obsessed with wallpapers ever since. A few years ago, most of the Avengers wallpaper you wanted should be full-HD at 1080p resolution, but this is the demand of modern times and so devices with WQHD + displays also demand you to go out and find the sharpest, most cutting edge Ultra HD wallpapers.

While there are plenty of great apps that can help you not only bring great wallpapers to supported resolutions, they can also help refresh the home screen automatically with new shots every day. However, there is still a hidden treasure in the form of great wallpapers that do not source great apps, so the only way to get these stunning pictures of the industry is to download them directly from the websites that offer them.

If you are tired of using generic images that have been removed from the internet, unsplash your safe haven for truly unique wallpapers. Unlike most Avengers wallpaper websites that source images publicly from the Internet, Unsplash is a collection of beautiful high definition images that a liberal community of photographers submit independently. You can not only download Avengers wallpaper for free, but also sign up for a free account and follow your favorite creators.

If the Google Wallpapers app doesn’t provide enough resources to get your free wallpapers, the ability to help Google Photos and users share their albums is sure to win you over. You can find a bunch of publicly shared albums on social media platforms and since they’re on Google’s servers you never have to worry about malicious content or viruses and here are some of our favorites:

You don’t have to worry about ugly watermarks or declining quality images, because everything available in pixels is under CC0 license, aka free! This website with more than 160 different categories has more high definition images as you probably can’t check out. The best part, however, is that Pixels has a leaderboard that highlights the best photography contributions, and the creators are actually rewarded for it.

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