Unreal Tournament 2004: Editor’s Choice Edition - Download action and shooter games for PC

Download Unreal Tournament 2004: Editor’s Choice Edition Free Game 100%

Create Extremely Intense Battles!

The time to battle is now! Host huge multiplayer wars with tons of weapons, vehicles and diverse terrains and choose from 10 exciting game modes!

Classic Shooter Fun on a Whole New Level

In this multiplayer-focused first-person shooter, take your battles to the extreme! Devastate your enemy with intense vehicles like goliath tanks, manta hovercraft, heavy trucks and more. Whip out hand-held weapons like link guns, mine guns, grenade launchers and more to bring your enemy down fast. The goal is to destroy your enemy so completely that you'll earn lifetime bragging rights with your friends.
Challenge yourself and your friends to 10 different game modes, including Onslaught mode that allows team battles of 10 to 32 players on expansive outdoor maps and Assault mode that requires teams to capture each other's strategically-distributed power nodes.

Tons to do Alone and With Friends

You can find almost any type of map you could dare to fight on with more than 100 maps available featuring a wide variety of environments, from half-demolished cities to busy rebel bases, all with great graphics. If your friends aren't available for huge battles, play offline against the computer to build your skills. Regardless of how you play, this game will provide tons of excitement, fast-paced fighting and extreme destruction!
When the battle begins will you be the one to finish it? Accept the challenge now in Unreal Tournament 2004: Editor's Choice Edition!

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